Let our stones decore your home

About Us

G&G STONES LLC. Is committed to proving as smooth, professionally run schedule for your countertops installation. The following schedule points will give you and an idea of the process of getting your new countertops from start to finish.

•Come into our showroom, to view different kitchen and
  bathroom tops to give you some ideas of what your style options  are.
•At the showroom meet with our experience sales staff to discuss specific locations that need to get stone counters.
•Walk the slab yard to narrow down color selections.
•G&G stones Staff to review with you the pros and cons of different types of stone options and review and select optional edge profiles that are available.
•Bid can be provided to the homeowner base upon a customer supplied drawing with dimensions, architectural plans, or salesperson can go to the customer’s home to get measurements.
•Ones the bid is accepted and signed by the customer. G&G stones, schedule department will schedule your project to get Critical dimensions for cutting.
• After the measurements are complete, the job will be fabricated and installed within 7-10 working days.
• Relax and enjoy your new countertops!!

Our main principles

We will provide you with the best combination of price, quality and service in this market. We urge you to always select a reputable and capable firm for your natural stone and engineered stone product. We will always provide exceptional quality and service at the lowest possible price. We are committed to earning your trust and continually proving ourselves trustworthy.